Kaeli Ogryzek – Spring Grove, Illinois Illinois


Kaeli Ogryzek thinks because her parents have money and she goes from them supporting her to every guy she dated supporting her that she is high class. Reality is she is just a piece of ass. Not a very good one either because i personally know at least 3 girls her now ex but at the time boyfriend was with while with her because she bitched non stop and was bad in bed. To top it off when he broke it off with her he started dating my friend this piece of trash saw them out started shit then ran away and played damsel in distress and took advantage of his drunk the guy was and the fact that she used his dogs to get him to see her. She fucked him then her sister sent my friend a picture in the morning with their cars parked next to one another and time stamped it to rub it in, mean while Kaeli told my friend how she acts how she did and fucked him just because she could. That he didn’t mean anything to her anyways.. (Because she already had a new bf Nick Foss). Now this poor guy is going to marry her. Lowest kind of trash.

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By Ronald

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