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I recently bought a television set for my young grandchildren for Christmas. However, after discussing it with my wife, we decided that they are too young (4 y/o twins) to have a television set in their room. nBetween the time we bought the set and the time we made this decision, we somehow managed to lose the store receipt. This was only a matter of a few days (less than a week). However, the set was still in the box unopened and I expected that I would at least be able to obtain a store credit for the return. WRONG! nThey told me VERY ABRUPTLY that without a receipt they couldn’t help me. Not a store credit. Not a merchandise exchange. Nothing. They wouldn’t even talk to me… Treated me as if I was somehow being unreasonable for asking to return the uneeded TV. nIt’s no wonder that K-Mart is in financial trouble. They treat their customers with contempt. I have, for the last time, set foot in K-Mart. I don’t care if they’re GIVING STUFF AWAY, I WILL NOT be back! Click here to read other Ripoff Scamss on K-Mart

Louisville, Kentucky U.S.A.

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By Ronald

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