Justine Mattaliano – Vancouver, Washington Washington


My husband had been keeping his phone on lock down. Finally got my chance to see what was so secretive. I thought maybe he was planning a surprise for me. Surprise he been talking to this bitch Justine. They exchanged sad stories of soon to be exes who treated them horrible and stepped out. This woman not only has a husband of her own still she is also seeing another man as well. What the hell. She has two men and now she has to steal mine too. Maybe she should stay focused on her kids and her own marriage or divorce and give her boyfriend some of this shit photos. If her story checks out as a woman she should know better, know the pain of finding your husband rather have the company of another woman even by text then to stand to be in the room with you! Two wrongs don’t make a right stay away! Quit breaking up homes!

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By Ronald

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