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Complaint: I am a substitute teacher and a parent at Seymour Community Schools. The school I’m most concerned about is Jackson Elementary. My child attends this school and gets to be taught by a set of amazing teachers. The principal, Justin Brown, is another story. A couple of years ago, the corporation put in security cameras for the purpose of increasing security in the building. Those security cameras are used to watch teachers. Those cameras are used to spy on teachers on recess duty to make sure they aren’t just standing. Heaven forbid they are talking and enjoying their colleagues while watching kids play. Those cameras are used to spy on teachers in the halls to make sure where they are and what they are doing during certain hours of the day. It is an extreme invasion of privacy in my opinion. Teachers are treated like children. This same principal walked around and also used his cameras to watch teachers between the 8:15-8:45 time block. This is a time when students are arriving on buses and in cars and are trickling into the classroom. This principal believes that teachers should be working with children rather than greeting students who need an adult to talk to and a smiling face to greet them every morning. These teachers are told they could be written up if their cell phones are out and in use yet they are asked to bring them out to recess duties and to take them on field trips and to use them after school hours or on days off for the office to contact them. This man took his “survey”” of what his teachers were doing to the superintendent acting as if teachers were doing something wrong by greeting students in the hall or sitting at a desk preparing for the day. All to try and make himself look good. What a big man he is! My daughter is almost out of elementary school and I’m so proud of the teachers she has had and would never want her to attend anywhere else. I am however disappointed that they have such an immature and unprofessional leader and are treated so poorly. These same teachers are going without even a cost of living raise because this corporation miscalculated funding due to incorrect forecasting by Mr. Steve Nauman and his fearless number crunching. He has our corporation in financial concerns that we haven’t had before. This small town corporation and school board favors school board members children and does things that hurt the corporation as a whole as a result. One board members daughter was hired because of a grant that didn’t come through and rather than doing away with her position

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Address: because she was the daughter of a school board member she kept her job and other teachers were financially hurt. Another school board members son was moved to a school that he wanted to go to moving another teacher that was happy with her job. This school board members son is late to work

Website: he is at a school he wants to be at and is allowed to be late to work

Phone: he doesn’t leave sub plans

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