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I bought a ticket from Justfly.com, which I was led to believe was refundable when I bought their so-called trip insurance for $24.99. Now they tell me that this was only good for 24 hours after my purchase. RIP OFF! The airlines just keep saying non-refundable. I am quite impoverished, chronically ill and struggling to pay for medicine. It’s at the pharmacy now with a $103.00 copay I cannot afford. The trip was planned to see my daughter. I bought the insurance knowing she was sick and in transition. She has moved. I need my money back quite desperately. No one cared! Many employees refused to give me their employee numbers, but I do have some that I am publishing. United Airlines offered me a complete “credit”” which I have to use within a year. The full credit is for $188.80

but to use it

I must pay 2 penalty fees of $200.00

and another of $50. That is completely erroneous and not only not a refund

but further penalties! I will be joining some class action suits and likely to start one of my own

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