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Complaint: As a former center manager for the Denver market I was made to over sell repair work with the scam that we are fixing cars and trucks. Any mechanic will tell you, you can (on regular service)replace pads and shoes, clean up hardware, lube slides and machine rotors and drums, and all will be just fine. But not calipers, wheel cylinders and master cylinders on all cars and trucks. Sometimes customers let things get too far and it does cost more to fix but not on all cars. We are instructed by way of a PHONE TRACK or script not to tell customers over the phone that thier BMW or Volvo or simular car does not fit the 99.88 brake job even if they ask, you say 99.88 in most cases (club them when they get in the shop). If a customer wants just the (99.88) brake job you are questioned by the market manager (in this case a man named Dan Gibson cell phone # 303-886-4932) As to why we didn’t get calipers or hardware. We are asked by our market manager, “Did you get a bonus this month? It sure would be nice if I’d get one… sell some work and I will””

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Address: so if we didn’t do our job by overselling

Website: and 4000.00 by 4pm will get you dinner. The average brake repair is really about $500.oo not 99.88 ( or as the company will tell you the national company average is 340.00) The worst store to go to is in Arvada on 80th and wadsworth

Phone: then the market manager wouldn’t get a bonus either. And to top it off

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