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Ordered a device called Jupiter Jack from a TV promotional advertisement, through their website. The offer was for 1 Unit priced at $19.99 with and option to upgrade n it with a better battery for an additional $9.99 plus a shipping cost. n After I placed order, next page asked if I wanted the mount, which was an additional $10 or so. Yes. Next page offered 2 xtra lithium batteries. $7.99 n Of course they have you enter your credit card info prior to ordering AND there is no place on webiste to cancel AND their customer service is only open mon-fri, 9-5. I was charged for EIGHT batteriess, SIX phones. I know I did not enter 6 in quantity. My total bill is $229.70, which started out as a $20 product. I did choose to order the car mount and two extra batteries for no additional shipping, the shipping being $6.95. My shipping is $65.86 n There is no place for me to contact, I can’t check my order…webpage not available, and of course have to wait until customer service on Monday. My credit card has already been charged. Initially Billy Mays was advertising this product, so I bought due to his credibility. A new hawker has not this week been the advertiser. I have purchased things in the past from tvinfomercials and not had problems. This is a problem. n I’m going to start with my credit card company and see if they can help me. Reading the other reports, I don’t think I will get anywhere with this company. n n n

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