Jullanar R Grant Newark, New Jersey New Jersey


October 2013 my husband came from a night of hanging out with the fellas the next morning there was a text on his phone saying” had a great time last night I don’t get to get out often thanks for the great time”. So of course I questioned him about the text and he denied he knew who this person was. He even called and they both denied knowing one another. Two days before Christmas I found another text message from the same number saying how she loved him and he replied I love you too. He could no longer deny it and admitted to the affair. He told me it was over and how sorry he was. Lying dog. || January 2014 of course more text messages from Jullanar indicating how she loved him. I then text her back and told her leave my husband alone. Which of course never happened. This affair lasted 9 months and for all I know is going on although he says it’s not. I’ve caught him coming from her home just last month. She was arrested due to him and she continued the affair. Jullanar Grant of Newark NJ is a lawless women who doesn’t care about sleeping with my husband. She has no morals about herself what so ever…

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By Ronald

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