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Complaint: Julie L Cunningham of Families First in Brattleboro, VT Perjured in Family Court so that she could milk government funding streams. I had gone to her asking help for my disabled son, and I was told there was funding for services for him–in fact, I was reassured of it. But she plotted with a Special Ed teacher and a mental health counselor whose agency (HCRS) was thirsting for “keep afloat”” funds to find something they could use to claim that my husband and I were abusing/neglecting. They colluded with my son to have me sneak tape recorded in the privacy of my home WITHOUT A WARRANT. They used some recordings of me yelling (nothing unusual

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Address: like any stressed out mother would) to claim that my teenager was abused and needed an “”emergency”” removal. So my son was ruled to be “”unsafe at home””

Website: but that there was the need for funds; supposedly for the sake of the child. HUGE amounts of government funding was released when my son was thrown into foster care

Phone: thrown into foster care

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