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It’s a little hard to write this but I have to share my story. When I was 17 years old, I met my best friend, Julia Schmidt. She was a couple years younger than me and from the minute we met we were pretty inseparable. || I finished high school first and a couple years later she found herself in a position where her family was moving to Kansas and she had no place to go. She moved in with me and my then roommate. Julia was 18 I was edging 21. We stayed roommates for the next couple of years, through a couple of boyfriends, and then moved on in with boyfriends. After a couple break ups we found ourselves moving in again together. Each time it seemed one of us would break up with a boyfriend to move back in together. Julia was like the little sister that needed someone. That someone was me. She came with me to all my family functions. We took trips together. We were thick as thieves, as some might say. If you saw one of us, the other was soon to be around. We went out drinking, a lot. We got ourselves into trouble – usually with men, never legal trouble together. To make my point, we were best friend – closer than best friends – soul mates and sisters. This was usually her words, not mine. || Julia met a man when she was about 26 or 27 and they had a daughter together. I was at the hospital all night with her. I ended up leaving about midnight and her daughter showed her face after I left. She never married the man. They were on again and off again. Every time it was off, she moved in with me. Every time it was on, I moved her back in with him. Eventually she ended up homeless with her daughter and she moved in with me in my 1 bedroom apartment when I had pretty much just started living with the man who would become my husband. She stayed for about 6 weeks – I never asked her for a dime. She was also unemployed. I was entering a very serious relationship and after about 10 months of dating this man, we married secretly one afternoon at Adams County Courthouse. I did not invite Julia. Once she found out she was pretty upset and even put out. This seemed to be the start of the gap that started growing and the distance. She still came to family events but my life with my new husband started. When we decided to have a real wedding, she was supposed to be my maid of honor. She ended up telling me she didn’t like my husband as he was rather jealous and would often read emails she would write me around reaching out to ex-boyfriends and it pissed him off. I can’t say I blame him. May of 2011 was the last time her and I spoke. It didn’t end nasty but it ended. || I want to back up a minute and also share that I got Julia the job she is currently at. || Fast forward to September of 2014. Julia and my soon to be ex husband start meeting up. They then start to sleep together. I have two young boys she tells my husband as well as others she is going to start mothering. She calls me a bad mother. She spreads rumors at her place of work, my former place of work for 5 years about me – telling people extremely personal things about me. I will also say, in my divorce she is not supposed to be even around my kids until my ex was dating someone for 6 months. That was his fault but who in their right mind does what she did. We were best friends. She would brag to her friends and say things like “I am sleeping with my best friend’s ex-husband and I have no remorse over it.” I have such a hard time with this. Understanding what I did to this woman to make her hate me so much that she was willing to do what she did. I am barely divorced and she Facebook friends my step daughters. || This woman hurt me more than I could ever think. Do I blame my ex? Of course. He’s not innocent but he doesn’t have the history with this woman I did. || I want to say to her – Julia – with a friend like you – who need enemies? I hope your daughter never has to experience what you put me through. I hope your STD is better. I hope all the other woman you have done this to don’t post their story. How many coworker’s husbands did you make out with? How many friends have you lost because you spread your legs? Aren’t you in the 200s for men you’ve slept with? Your friends who cheered your actions on, you have the biggest group of classless woman I have ever had the unfortunate pleasure to meet. You should go back to the trailer I saved your ass from you piece of white trash. Go brag about the slut you are to your coworkers. Hopefully you will sound desperate enough that they will excuse your face. || The pregnant one in the picture is her. I am the other one.

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  • I dated a Julia Schmidt that said she came from Oklahoma. She now lives in Tennessee. She is about 49 years old. Could this be the same lady?

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