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Let’s just start by saying that this chick dated my ex’s best friend a few years prior! Wow! || Last year, around this time, my ex and I were having a lot of issues. We were together 8 years. We had talked about splitting, but it never happened. Then, I noticed him disappearing quite often, not answering his phone or responding to my texts. He always had a great excuse for being absent. I could tell by the way he was acting that he had been hanging around another woman and was quick to end things with me. || I confronted his behavior, and nothing mattered. I was shattered and he was smiling walking out the door again like I wasn’t there. || I had to get to the bottom of it and find out myself. I was able to check his detailed phone bill, (hello! We lived together), and saw a number I didn’t recognize and over and over again. I gave him one last chance to fess up or I would call. Of course, he told me nothing. || When I called, long behold, it was fucking Julia Allard!! She fucking told me her name when I asked without identifying myself! Dumb bitch! And to make matters worse, I had known this skank for a few years! I considered her a pretty good acquaintance too. Oh, did she get an ear full. || So, cut to the chase, she still continued to chase my man, calling and texting all of the time, hence I kept tabs on his phone bill. He eventually kicked me out, only to have her move in a few months later. I know she egged him on to get rid of me and I’m sure he fed her bullshit lies about me (Narcissist)! I hate this bitch (and him too) and want her exposed for the skanky, trifling hooker that she is. Oh, btw, she teaches elementary school and uses drugs too! What!!?? || She has a busted ass face, no boobs, and yellow horse teeth. Take a good look. I hope he works this bitch!

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