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Not An Actual Business! A friend of mine contacted Juan Pet Shop to purchase a dog. Because my friend has purchased a dog which was groomed out of state they seen no problem with doing this again. After sending a few hundreds of dollars the seller stop answering phone calls until we contacted the seller from a different number. After doing some research we discovered that this business does not exist. The address provided does not point to a business. The map on the website shows street addresses which are located outside of the United States. The website also claims that they have rave reviews on Yelp which was left by a Stewart Little, but this was NOT true and there is no doubt in my mind that Stewart Little is a fictional character. In addition to fraudulent reviews on the website there are other indications that the website is a scam and that the actual seller is NOT located in the USA such as the multiple spelling mistakes including the word United States being spelled incorrectly. I do not advise that ANYONE send any money to this person. The seller has not responded to any of our attempts to contact them in over a week nor has my friend received the dog in which they purchased.

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By Ronald

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