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I been with my husband 19 years married 10 now untill i can divorce him , over the summer of 2013 i noticed he started to go out more after work he only had a few friends after a few weeks he started to mention a” friend” named Juanita he knew i would not let him have female friends in the 19 yrs he never gave me a reason not to trust him more weeks went by that he went out after work we had only one car plus due to health issues i could not go see what he was up to he started to dress more nicer and caring bout how he looked you think tat would have told me a warning sign he also started going outside to talk on his cell and never put it down was glued to his hip , one night he did not come home after a night out” with the boys” he said he got drunk at his friends house hmmmm well during this time i had health issues and he would have to come home cook for the family cause i could not also clean he started to really complain more and more about it all sudden i was a huge burden on his life but he seemed to forget in the vows in sickness and in health he worked about 40 miles from home he kept saying we live to far from his work and kept trying to start fights with me blame me for all our troubles and he then out of no where said he needs a break from me and home and his friends wife died and needed company and told him to crash at his house after work was across street from his job he said … Karl told me he wanted a break give him a week to sort himself out hmmmmm this was a week after he stayed out all night ya ok hmmmm welll he lft for the week i was in shock still he left first time in 19 yrs well now 2 weeks went by i could not go follow him tho i wanted to so bad thinking who is this juantia woman he talked about was just friend well one day bored on computer after a friendtold me she heared my husband had another Facebook i Google his name and sure enough his other one poops up wow and he had this Juanita woman on it and they talked nasty to each other in plain site well i got him turns out hes been at her home we was going to try work it out he moved home a day later i was going to try see how it would go she text him day later says she s pregnant he then packs up moves out again i said she is a lie cause || i Googled her name showed her on a website about how to untie tubes well she used her teen daughters prego test to trick him sorry to him he lost his chance to get back with me now hes stuck with her, he sees our kid once month if that spends all his time with her kids , she has stalked me made 4 Face books to stalk me she calls me cells and home 10 x a day before i blocked them she keeps her Facebook open and posts all about me and lies tells people they engaged when me him are still married oh and like i told him she lied bout prego she told him she lost it lol he begs me to come home every time he comes to see our kid she post my pics on her page she is like Fatal Attraction / Single White Female / Jerry Springer in one shes ery mental scary part she has been in prison for attm murder and told me she wants to kill me 3 x ! she even cut her hair and color it like me !

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