Josie Lynn Jones – Josie The Money Hungry Tramp West Virginia


This is Josie Lynn Jones, biggest gas station tramp in Clarksburg, WV. She started texting my man in June everyday. she’d send naked pictures and videos of herself and you can obviously hear her kid in the background. He’s sending her money, and paying some of her bills. She claims she’s pregnant by my man, but She is living with another man now tricking him into thinking it’s his baby as well to have more money from these men! Her mom helps her as well with the lies! Her mom even sent pictures of a sonogram to my man saying it’s his baby! It could be, she’s almost 6 months now! She’s the real deal Who*e. She’s even had sex with her own cousin Shaun. It’s a proven fact, messages from her mom and her cousin admiring it! How disgusting! Feel sorry for the dude she’s with now, and anyone else giving her money! Everyone needs to know about her and her lies!

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By Ronald

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