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OK….I know that this site is to expose the other women to be home wreckers, but what if there are just too many women to post? So I am sincerely hoping that I can post his name and pic instead. I want to try to save as many women as I can against this man. || It started when I met Josh late 2004. I was stupid and I fell really hard, really fast. He was a karaoke host and worked for my mom’s best friend. I was only 18 at the time, so I wasn’t really supposed to be at his shows because they were mostly in bars. But I would go in anyways and just sit on the chair next to all of the karaoke equipment. My first warning about this guy came when I was sitting there at his show one night and he didn’t even come over to me to say”hi” (I was his gf at this point). Josh had a female friend that went every week…so he went over to her and said something, then she came over to me and told me that Josh told her that another woman in that bar was going to come up to me and say that she was his gf as well…and that I shouldn’t believe her because”she has done this with several other women he has dated just to break them up”. Of course being 18 and naive, I believed him. So sure enough, this girl came over to me and said”Are you Josh’s gf?” To which I replied”yes I am”. The girl said”That’s funny because so am I” Before I could really say anything else, Josh’s female friend from before jumped in between us and started throwing a fit at this girl. Getting all 3 of us kicked out. So as I left, I saw a piece of paper on the front of his karaoke van. It read”I didn’t know you had yet another gf”. When I said something to Josh later that night, he just made some BS excuse that she was a crazy girl. At this point, him and I lived with my sister. || During Christmas of that year, he said he had to go visit his family in West Chester, PA for the night. I had no problem with that at all. 3 days later, I still hadn’t heard from him. I was getting really scared and worried. So I found his mom’s number and called her. This was my first interaction with her. I asked her if Josh was there. She said she hadn’t seen or heard from josh in almost 2 years. My heart sank. I told her that he said he was going to visit them because he said his grandmother was sick. She said her mother lived in CT and was fine. I was still worried…so I called the cops. After another day or two, the cops finally found him. Apparently he had been going to concerts up in PA with his friends. He came home that night and we had a long talk and everything was”fine”. I say it like that because that is what I let myself believe. || The friends he was with up in PA hated me, for some unknown reason to me. But looking back now, I know it was because Josh told them lies about me, probably told them I was crazy and I treated him like crap. Both not true. Here nor there, they hated me. One day as I was doing laundry, I was emptying out a pair of his pants, in the pocket I found a pic of him sitting in a chair with his friend Eryn sitting in between his legs with his zipper undone and his face had a look that seemed pleasurable I guess. Granted his d**k wasn’t out, but it looked like it was about to be. Either way, it upset me. So when he got home, I confronted him about it and he tried to lie about it and say that pic was taken before we got together….But I called him out on the fact that the beanie he was wearing in the pic was the one that our friend from karaoke made his just a few weeks prior. So then he just tried to say that since it upset me, he wouldn’t talk to his friends anymore. || A few weeks later I got pregnant. I found out on my birthday Feb 23, 2005. I was so worried and scared. And I told my sister. She hated Josh…and she said she would help me tell him. So when he got home that night from work, he was in the bedroom on his computer, my sister said”Kristi is pregnant”…to which he replied”ok”. No emotion whatsoever. Just said”ok”. Then after a moment of silence, (mind you, I’m crying hysterically) he said”What do you want from me?” I asked him if he wanted to be a part of the baby’s life…and he said yes. Little did I know, that too was a lie. || When I was 2 months pregnant, Josh left. He went to PA to stay with those friends of his. He never called or tried to see me. I had to go to every appointment alone. When I found out I was having a girl and they gave me the ultrasound pics, I went to his karaoke show that night to show him. He told me that I was being creepy for showing up like that and that our baby looked like an elf. He told me not to show up at his shows anymore. I didn’t. || After I had my daughter, my sister went to his show to show him a picture of his daughter. He said she was cute and that was it. The next day, we got a call from my mom’s best friend, Josh’s boss, that Josh called and left a message on his machine saying he”had to disappear for a while because Kristi just had her baby and this other girl just sent me papers for her baby” Little did I know, at the time, right after he left me pregnant, he knocked up another girl and left her. She had her baby shortly after I had my daughter. She ended up having to give her baby up for adoption because he left her pregnant as well. She didn’t have the family support I had. || I even contacted his mom after I had my daughter, but she said that I was lying and Josh had told her I would do this and make it up to”get him back”. || For 2 years he was MIA. I had no way to find him. Then, one day, out of nowhere, I saw him on Myspace. I also saw that he had a girlfriend. I knew that if I were to write to him, he would delete his profile and would have disappeared again. So I wrote to his girlfriend. I was not mean, I just told her about my daughter and that I wanted to try to get child support. She talked to Josh about it, and surprise surprise, he told her I was lying and that I did this to several of his girlfriend’s to try to break them up. || After a few months of me and her fighting and talking to each other, we finally backed him up into a corner and he finally told her the truth about my daughter being his. || He and his gf eventually got married. Her and I remained friends. Sort of…she would only ever pick fights with me when Josh would make crap up saying I’m a bad person and I’m jealous of her for having him….but believe me, he is disgusting and I can’t stand him. Haha No jealousy whatsoever. || The only times he ever tried to contact my daughter is when his wife, Suzyn, made him. She had to force him to. If it weren’t for her, he never would have seen or talked to his daughter. || He had started in the army and was based in AK. Suzyn was in MN with her family because she knew she would barely see him and he was going to be deployed shortly thereafter. On the weekend of Valentine’s Day 2009, Suzyn went into the hospital for a miscarriage. When she called him to tell him, he just said, take care of yourself and that he couldn’t talk that whole weekend because the army was keeping him busy and he wouldn’t have his phone. Suzyn was pregnant with twins, and she did end up losing one of them. || A few months later after he was deployed, all of his stuff remained in AK. One day Suzyn got a call/text from some girl asking if she was still married to Josh. When Suzyn replied”yes, happily.” The girl was shocked and proceeded to tell Suzyn that Josh had been living with her in AK the whole time he was in basic training. And that the weekend Suzyn was in the hospital, he was having sex with this girl the entire weekend. He was trying to get her pregnant and telling her he loved her. He preyed on this poor girl knowing that all she ever wanted was a family. This girl sent all of the messages between her and Josh as well as pics of Josh she had of him living in her apt. He told this girl, as well as others, that he was divorced and his wife was a bitch. That girl and Suzyn became friends, it wasn’t that girl’s fault and Suzyn knew it, plus, she is one of the only girls that told Suzyn the truth about everything. || Suzyn had found SEVERAL other girls he was sleeping with as he was up there in AK. But those girls were still under the impression that Josh was innocent in his marriage to Suzyn and that she was the one that was unfaithful and a bitch towards him. Suzyn has many years of proof of this manchild cheating. || Now here is the kicker ladies….You may actually recognize this man….and if not, look at the national news, he is all over it. He is talking about Bergdahl. He served with Bergdahl overseas. Josh is the one saying that Bergdahl deserted and abandoned his post. However, Josh has deserted and abandoned his children. All of them. SO now he is trying to raise money for him and his family. What about his child support? He has never paid me nor Suzyn for child support…or is at least 2.5 months behind for her, and he only started paying in beginning of April. || I know this site is for women…but Josh is the homewrecker here. He has slept with many women, including married women. Wrecking their marriages as well as his own. || He was discharged from the army as”other than honorable”….and what was that reason? Because, Suzyn had so much proof against him for his infidelities that the army could not ignore her anymore. Not to mention Josh’s constant lies to his superiors about everything. || I am warning all women about this man…DO NOT FALL FOR THE SHIT HE SAYS!! It is ALL lies. He has NEVER been faithful to anyone. And now he has a gf that we tried to warn, but of course Josh has a silver tongue and lies his way out of everything. Sooo….this gf has a daughter that is the same age as mine….her daughter calls him”Daddy”….how much is that a slap in the face to mine and Suzyn’s daughters?! || Do not support this lunatic on TV that is making people feel bad for him. He is sooooo full of shit. || || >

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