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Complaint: So a little over a year ago I lived in these apartments. I’ll summarize this up as best I can. The management company is dirty and low-down pulling dirty tricks against the residents. They knew residents there were infected with TB. A friend of mine whom I thought was my friend had been manipulating me until I went off of my medicines. Well when the tb outbreak occurred and the management tried to hide it I turned them into the federal government and they only found out because the woman had took something I posted to some friends on my private facebook, about me going to the CDC to the mangement. What the management ddn’t know when they threatened me was that I was off of my medications and I lost it and one of the managers came at me and I pushed her back for which I am sorry for. I thought she was going to attack me. The manager fell and then I went to jail. I won’t get into at this time how in jail I was bullied by the judge into accepting a guilty please without being given a lawyer. What I will get into is how I was never served a notice of eviction and how the apartment complex managers then gave my personal belongings to this woman, including my great grandmother’s wedding photos or they destroyed them that are pricessless because my great-grandmother is deceased. Not to mention some electronics were stolen. Then the apartment complex tracked me down after I got out of jail after ten days and moved from the area and demanded I pay them $5,000 after they destroyed my personal belongings. After that happened, I typed up a full 4 page report and turned it into the Department of Justice(DOJ), the FBI, HUD, and the CDC because the apartment complex basically retaliated against me by accessing my facebook through a third party by proxy since my facebook was locked down to everyone not on my friends list. The name of the apartment complex is Raintree Tower in Beaumont, Texas and the management company is called Josh Allen Management. If you are looking for a hud or subsadized apartment you would do better than to live at this place, because if you try to go against them and turn them into any of the local authorities or the Federal government and they catch wind of it they will retaliate. If you do decide to turn them in, you better have your ducks in a row and not let it slip to anyone you are turning them in. I did by mistake of trusting the wrong person and my life got screwed up. ANd I lost thousands of dollars in personal belongings that I’ll never get back because the maintenance staff robbed me blind.

Tags: Civil Rights Violators

Address: 3030 French Road beaumont, Texas USA


Phone: 4098920196

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