Joseph Haner – Morrilton, Arkansas Arkansas


This may not be the normal but here we have a homewrecker within his own home. He is a habitual cheater, liar, and scum bag. His most recent scandal happened just a few months ago where he slept around with multiple girls behind his own wife’s back while she waited at home and took care of their kids, all while working a full time job of her own. The funny part of it? He had every new girl in his mothers home where he slept on the couch. He has several accounts on kik, snapchat, facebook, and all dating sites you can think of. He married one woman but can’t seem to stay faithful to her at all and if you ask me the wife is dumb for taking him back. Any real man wouldnt repeatedly cheat on his wife and knowingly break up their home but it looks like he has to have several women in his life to be happy which is why he hides it all from his wife. As one of the girls he had over at his moms, I feel the public should know exactly what kind of “man” mr joseph is. One that abandons his own wife and kids and doesn’t take care of any of them to sleep with several women. One that hides his phones and doesn’t tell anyone that he’s married. He always talks about leaving the state which means he will be leaving them behind so we all know exactly what he’s going to do once he’s gone and that is find women that haven’t heard of him yet. After you see this you will probably track me down on facebook or snapchat with one of your other accounts or even text me since you had my number saved but you should have thought of being faithful instead of trying to play me while you were married. You should stop lying to your wife about us not cuddling on your mothers couch too

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By Ronald

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