Joselyn Moss – S Tennessee


This pathetic excuse of a woman Slept with my husband… Her pathetic friends were part of it… And everything was kept under wraps until just recently….. As long as I didn’t know back then it didn’t matter who Knew they just didn’t want me to find out…. So now that I have found out 5 years later I will make sure that everybody knows friends and neighbors she has I mean it wasn’t a secret then to Anyone but me so why should it be a secret now that she is a home wrecking hippo. My husband is scum for doing it and we have spent of lot of time in therapy trying to work through all of our issues and it still Has a long way to go….. Knowing that he thinks this pathetic excuse of a woman was the biggest most disgusting mistake of his life…..its a start. He is humiliated, ashamed and Still has trouble Facing what he did to our marriage and our 6 children…. But she knew all along that he was married with 6 children he was in the military and that our life was not easy and she took advantage of that…… Her drunken charades every weekend at the bar and excuse for company or a ride home…… She got him right where she wanted him…. In her bed….. I ended up with venereal drds because of her nastiness….. All this happened just a few short weeks after burying her husband….. She’s a coward and she’s a liar but she thought she was brave back then smiling in my face sneaking around with my husband….. Karma is a very ugly b1tch that comes back every time and when Karma devastates her….I hope my face is the one that haunts her…… We were going to retire to TN….but theres no way I will return….for that my husband hates even the thought of her….His life, his soul has been troubled for 5 years becz of “the worst mistake of his entire life” …… His brief escapes For meaningless mediocre sex and bj’s are his nightmares now….. He said that he thought it was safe to temporarily mess with her because she was unattractive, overweight, drunk, lonely and easy… That there was no chance he would ever Have anything beyond the stress escapes with her….. That he would never want to be seen in public with her even if he was a single man….. She never had a chance with my husband…. Quite frankly I’m too good for both of them…. In so many ways….in every way. And yet i in invested with 13 years, and 6 kids…. I was broken…utter devastation. I hate this woman for advertising her billboard size cottage cheese cooter in front of my husband. My kids know of and hate her for all she assisted in doing to me.. and my husband hates her becz he is disgusted not only by the act….but the person he acted with. His biggest fear is that i will show her pics and tell people in our lives now about his bout with insanity. He probably couldn’t handle the humiliation himself….but i lived with it and neither of them cared who knew back then….as long as i didn’t find out…. So i figure, i will let her friends and neighbors and all others know now… Wear your flip flops through the piles of sh1t and rivers of diarrhea that you created….Take your perky back-stabbing bar bestie with ya cz its only an ounce of what you deserve… Cowardly Ho Hippotwatimus Swamp Donkey Tramp…. Was it worth it? No one can rescue you from the Springs that you created… Keep your mid life crisis husbands away from this one all….she will ROB their souls…..

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By Ronald

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