Jonathan Hernandez – Narcissist California


Well well this guy will paint you a pretty picture will treat you like royalty and give you the world but as soon as he has you in his cotton web he is the worst. When I first met him he told me he was working making moves and just got off a relationship I get to find out he was just out of jail and he had a job but he will piss it away. In drinking and smoking weed. I never knew he had an issue for alcohol or smoking weed so when I did find out I accepted it but than things got worse . Than one day were having sex and this piece of sh1t didnt tell me that he had a drds outbreak and made me have sex with him and give him oral I found out on my own. Than after that he finds out he has drds I’ve been clean my whole life and this motherfuker comes and ruins my life. So I stayed because I felt trap. So moths pass this dude starts hitting me almost killing me and choking me. Than to top it off he hits me when I’m pregnant which is the worst. Throws me out the car and what not. Than we get married and sh1ts more worse than anything controls me and tells me what to do. Checks my location hits me forces me to have sex with him and it’s all bad. I have 1 kid with him and currently married. Be careful with him no good.

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By Ronald

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