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Complaint: If youu2019re thinking about giving Jon Tarr and Kyle Bell your hard-earned money then I hope you will reconsider… because my terrible experience with them seems to be a common trend with past buyers of theirs. Back in July 2015, Jon Tarr posted on his Facebook wall saying him and his partner, Kyle Bell used to do around $1,000,000 per month in revenue with CPA Marketing. And they were looking to u201cramp up their businessu201d and were looking for people to help them do that. Jon gave the impression that you would use his money for the campaigns and youu2019d learn everything. And specifically u201cyou will manage ad accounts with budgets in the $12,000 – $50,000 per day rangeu201d. And u201cyou will get 30% of net profitsu201d. And u201cyou will start the very next day after paymentu201d. At the time it sounded like a good deal. Learn from the supposed pros and get paid to do so. Now of course there was an upfront fee of $7,500 (to filter out the looky-loos). Jon Tarr preferred wire to his company Trail Blazer Marketing, LLC. But if you paid via PayPal heu2019d send you the invoice via his wifeu2019s account, Catherine Tarr PLC. Red Flag #1: His own PayPal account must have been suspended due to possible fraud and past customers wanting their money back. If I couldu2019ve traveled back into time before I handed over my moneyu2026 I wouldu2019ve asked Jon Tarr via Skype for 1) Live numbers and to show me he is making money with what he plans on teaching and 2) For proof that they already had ad campaigns with daily spends in the $12,000 – $50,000 that I could manage. I suggest you do this before handing over your hard-earned money to anyone. However, I didnu2019t. The only reason I was even following Jon Tarr on Facebook was because I discovered another prominent CPA Marketer was mentored by him. So I believed he was a legit mentor. But, I later learned from the other prominent marketer that Jon Tarr u201cscrewed over 200 people beforeu201d (check out the past Ripoff Scams from August 1, 2014). I also learned that the other marketer doesnu2019t even do what Jon taught him to make money now and claimed his experience with Jon “wasn’t very good to be honest””.Another suggestion 3) I would ask past buyers of theirs that actually *paid $7

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Address: 500 or more* about what their experience with Jon Tarr and Kyle Bell is. And I would do this over Skype. If they make income claims

Website: there were 8 students. 7 of us paid $7

Phone: ask for live numbers. However

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