Complaint: Jomar Association has been the Home owners Association for over two years now. All roofs in the Hoa were either replaced or repaired by a roofing company that was hired by Jomar. In my unit and several others the storage closets began leaking. Causing ceiling damage and mold growth. The onsite maintenance man Sam is working on the drywall repair. They will not replace the door that is wharped due to the leaking ceiling. My door frame is also been damaged. I am seeking damages and all attorney fees associated to Jomar Association. I am seeking other victims to the same issues and file a class action lawsuit against Jomar Associaton and the personal property that was damaged due to water. Also the strees and strain due to Jomar’s inability and ignorance of the situation. I also am seeking lost wages due to the fact my personal belongings were destroyed. Darlene Danna never returned phone calls on a timely basis. I had to call 4 times before someone the roofer came out to access the damage in which they denied doing.

Tags: Homeowner Associations

Address: 1514 WEST TODD DRIVE TEMPE, Arizona USA


Phone: 480 892-5222

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