Johnny Dwayne Roscoe

By the time I found out that Johnny Dwayne Roscoe was a dangerous person, he had nearly ruined my life already. I met him online. He pretended to love me and treated me like a princess at first.As time went by, I learned that he had a mentally disruptive bipolar disorder and a history of violence.He started to lash out at me over the littlest of things. One day he actually hit me.When I discussed taking medication with him, he just got even madder.I let it go for awhile until I started to notice that I was missing cash out of my purse week after week. I found out that Johnny was taking money from me to buy street drugs.That uncovered even more from the double life that he was living. Johnny was not only stealing from me, but he was cheating on me with multiple women from the site that I met him on.Now I am broke, alone, and heartbroken.

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