John Vineski, Greenpoint, Brooklyn, New York


John Vineski aka John Edward Vineski, Greenpoint, Brooklyn, New York in NYJohn Vineski is the equivalent of a pre-pubescent boy both with manners and personal hygiene. Now past the age of thirty, he still refuses to support himself in any way whatsoever or move out of his mother’s extremely close quarters. He has zero interests other than video gaming. His geriatric mother pays for everything!….food, gas, outings, clothing, while John continues to awaken in the early afternoons to play his video games and eat on her dime. Always sharing the same stories about the ‘good old days’ in his college fraternity (over ten years ago mind you), thinking of get rich quick schemes and trying to fish for someone dumb enough to fall for him and take care of him the way his mother has all this time. He is extremely rude to all women and loves to start arguments for his amusement. Has a bullying temperament when he doesn’t get his way. He will attempt to secretly record you during sex, please watch out. John doesn’t know what a real job is, what responsibilities are, why people work for a living, he will talk all day about things he’s going to do ‘someday’. He’s an expert at making excuses. Overeating and loafing are his only ‘jobs’, his p**** is also MUCH smaller than average, a huge contrast to his oversized self. Do not leave him near your medications of any sort as he is guaranteed to pilfer them. There really is no positive to this guy. Save your time.

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