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Complaint: Well where to begin. Lets just start off by saying this man has double standards for his workers if your a male you might as well not even go to work for him but if your a female you will be ok. This man aka John the Greek is a horrible to work for. I use to work for him i broke my shoulder and tore 3 tendons and tore my rotator cuff and fractured my AC joint in my shoulder. He told me to lie to the hospital about what happened so he didnt get into trouble and stupid me i did. Now the man aka John has threatened me about my shoulder and he also threatened me saying that i would loose all my government benefits if i told the truth about what happened to my shoulder. Well here it all goes the reason he had me lie to the hospital about my shoulder is because of workmans comp. I was unloading his silver dodge truck in the shop when i fell and i landed on my elbow and as soon as it happened my shoulder was dislocated and i had to wait hours before he even had anyone take me to the hospital to get it check. Well as you can tell im not working for this man anymore because of this issue and the threats hes made to me. The other thing about this man is he pays you cash under the table so he dosent have to carry workmans comp on you. The work conditions are bad. I did read some other reports about him on here as far as the meat situation I’ve seen it for myself. I know what that person was talking about. I have seen what he does with the meat and you shouldnt be eating there. He is going to make someone very sick at some point cause the one freezer went bad one time and all the meat thawed and was warm it was that way for days and he refroze the meat and served it to people. This man also has rental properties that he owns with his son Dino and he buys the properties cheap and then fixes them up but anyhow he does all the work without building permits. His son Dino does some of the electrical work and hes not a licensed electrician. The reason he does the work without building permits is because he would have to have the properties inspected to make sure its up to code thats why no building permits. His son Dino even wired in a dryer plug for new tenants that just moved into a house we just completely redone and its still not done the tenants that live in the house now dont even have safe steps to even walk on!!! He aka John just got the building permit for the house cause we have to put new steps in so now hes got the building permit where was the building permit when we were redoing the entire house he didnt have one for it cause he didnt want to spend the money to get the permit. John has a duplex in Carnegie, Pa that his son Dino did electrical work in and guess what we have no building permit for it. He does all the work behind closed doors so people cant see whats going on inside. Like the 3rd floor of the duplex was an old attick and what did we do we finished it off and made a big room but its not safe. There is gas lines under the floor on the 3rd floor that go to nothing, but what was hooked up to that line no body knows and there is no insulation at all on the 3rd floor oh and no heat either for the 3rd floor. John was going to put a wall to split it and make two rooms on the 3rd floor but he didnt cause what would happen if there was a fire you would be stuck on the 3rd floor there is no fire escape for the 3rd floor hence forth building permit thats why he does all the work behind closed doors. The other thing about John is, is that before you do start to do the travel work for John The Greek Food Consessions you basically do work around his warehouse like mow grass cut weeds and so forth and you have to stay in the bunk house on the property as the warehouse but he dosent want people to know this but im letting it all out. He is not allowed by law to have people stay on the property cause its zoned as commercial property and its a business. But here is the catch if anyone does find out that people are staying there all he has to do is move the bunk house to the other side of the office cause that section of property is on a different deed because it zoned as residential. Lastely you dont need to have a CDL license to drive the big trucks but when they are loaded you need to have your CDL’s cause your over the weight limit. So he travels at night to every place we go to cause why let me tell you why weight stations there not open at night so that is why he travels at night cause hes got no one that has a CDL to be able to travel during the day and this man has been doing this for years. I have only ever seen one person that drove for him that had a CDL license and that guy only ever drove one time. He bullies his employees and he will call you stupid or retarded. His son Dino is just like him. His son Dino would call me a dumb a*s all the time and you know there is only so much a person can take before they have had enough and I’ve had enough. I remember last year when starting out at the big Butler fair his daughter sat us all down and told us we were not allowed to drink the bottled water or bottles of soda which i can understand why cause most people are very wasteful, but my point is he just did a festival in Herndon, Va and most of the workers were drinking the bottles of water except me cause I respected the rules but when i went to him about people wasting the bottles of water he told me to shut up. His wife Connie is very intimidating as well. Like last year she had only girls working in her trailer which is the big white pizza trailer and the only people that can step foot into that trailer are her kids and the girls that work for her. When we take stock to the trailer were not allowed to step one foot into the trailer to take supplies in. This year hes been asking the new workers that have come to work if he could put down on the books that hes paying you 200.00 dollars cause hes been audited so many times cause he only deals in cash. When he pays you he gives you cash you dont get a check cause why would that be? I’ll explain it to you cause it leaves a paper trail that the IRS can follow. So if your considering working for this man you might want to think twice about it before you go to work for him. If you like to be bullied and be intimated and humiliated in front of people then hes the right man to work for. Oh and one last note all of his new employees that work for him do drugs and his son-in-law is a DEA agent and I’ve went to him about the people and which ones were and nothing was ever done about it. So if you like to work around druggies and addicts then its the right job for you. But if you do still decide that you wanna work for him I wish you the best luck in the world and all I can do now is say I told you so!!!

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Address: 1330 Market St McKeesport, Pennsylvania USA


Phone: 4129794225

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