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Complaint: My conplaint is about how our Landlord and his agent John Suarez lll treated us. When we first start looking for a new place to live we came across one of John’s property. Contact the place and made a appointment to view the home. My mother and sister went to view the home, they like what they seen and we went to the ofice of John in Marietta to view over the Contract,how much the rent was $ 895.00 and the depoist, which was 895.00. John went over all the rules stating how much each rule would be if we don’t follower them, etc. On Feb 9,2015 me and my grandfather Thomas Young jr., signed the Lease for a year in the amount of 895.00 /month. We given John’s accounting at the time her name was April $900.00, she stated that she didnt have any change so she kept the whole $900.00. John let us know that few things was still being done to the house before we can move in which suppose to be Feb12th,2015. During the time of waiting we were packing turning all our other service off at the old resident to the new resident of 4015 Joyce St. in Powder Springs,Ga address.We contact the office of John to see if the house was ready which at the time his maintenance at the time name was (Nicole) had to walk thru the home to see if all the area’s was taken care of.We finially got the OKay to move-in which was either the 16 or 17 of fe. 2015. Moving their was the most best time for me and my family we we’re so happy.Til being their for like 3 months time, my sister Santana Young get a texts msg from John saying that the Landlord (who we NEVER seen,met nor know his name) was going to evicted us..WHAT?? We call John back to see why, he went on telling us that doing the singing of the Lease we didn’t pay our first month rent..Well John you didnt tell us anything about that, that wasn’t on us. We paid the depoist which was all he ask for. So John went on saying it was his Account fault and he might fire her. John went on telling us that by 3 months have already pass by, we have to pay a Prorated Rent which would be $495.83, the sameday we made arrangements to start our first payment in May 29 in the amount of $166.00.. 2nd payment was June 27, amount of $166.00.. and the last one was July 11 in the amount of 165.00. So we paid a total of $ 496.00 June we had our first inspection, he walk around the house asked us question( answer each one honestly), we even stated some of the damage that was already their like there was a cigarett burnt on the kitchen counter top, by the refrigerator on the side of the cabinet they had placed staples on the side to hold it together guess cause the glue that the company used wasnt holding it anymore. Started to notice green mold in the master bedroom coming thru the cream paint they use thru the house as well on the wall behind the toilet, there was a slab of wood that was on the patio was loose( told and showes the insepector at the time he was their, he seen it but wasnt concern). Months went by notice my 12 month at the time daughter when she visit she would get sick even my 2 year old niece..Til we notice Very bad Black Mold up in the ceiling bathroom..Whoever was fixing on the house taken shortcuts and just cover this mold up with so many layer of paint. Taken hot showers was maken it show thru. Nothing was done about it.We couldn’t keep risking our children health or ours from that black mold. Jan 2016 fall in we decided not to renew our lease, so John pretend to direct the information to the landlord who we still havent seen, talk to nor meet, and he was ok with that.. During out time searching for a new home no one would approve us, so my mom start wondering what was going on..She started to wonder if John said something on our Rental history.. We ask John for a copy he pretend he didn’t know what my mother was asking.So we ask John if he could talk with the Landlord ask him if we could stay another year, he was mad at us cause he was saying we wasn’t good Tenants, cause we were late many times on our rent..Say what??How was we late when we send our payments on the 28th or 1st each month, and the rent due on the 5th.. It take only 2 to 3 days to reach John’s office, john accounting (April) would depoist all the money I guess like 2 to 4 days later. And from john’s maintenance (Nicole) was telling me that April know who to hold your Checks or moneyorder.. no no that will make the tenants payment late as well make thm look bad toward their Rental history, so yes this is what john and his office had done to us.. We were told to move-out on the 29th of Feb which was also our move-out inspection day, we had to rush looking for a storage to place a 4 bedroom furniture in as well somewhere for 4 adults and 2 small children tages 7 and 2)to live, just gooten grocery and had to throw most of it away.. We even given some of our things to our good neighbors like a washing machaine, dresser, whatever they wanted.As of today we are still in a hotel that cost us 587.00 a week. now our bank acount is drain. We can not get ANYONE, that would let us rent any of their homes cause of what john ha place on our Rental history which wasn’t true. If you have contact here in Atlanta, cobb area ask them to just send something to John’s office and make sure u ask for a qick respond, see how long i will take for your information to reach his office.. If you like i would love to seen you all the receipts dated, account numbers, all just to show you how many days it wil take for our payments to reach his and my family are so stress and emotional cause what John had done to our family.. He lied..Most of all he had us paying extra money for those so call late fees which wasn’t out fault. And if you could find out who were the Landlord at that resident of (((REDACTED))) Powder Springs,Ga. Please email me and let us know.. John nor the landlord didnt even give us any kind of notice.. not 30 nor 60 days not even a letter.. they waited to the last min. to tell us that the landlord didn’t want us to renew, and he wanted us out on the 29th of our Move-Out inspection cause he was moving in his sibling on the next day which was March 1st. Like to know what can me and my family do to get this removed from our record. Just say we are homesless with small children.. John still out their scamming people, lying.. Just read all his viewer the things this company had taken people thru,how he treated them. Please help us, what can we do.. My mother starting to get headache cause she worrying about where her 84 year old father going to stay, her grands even herself.Thank You

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