John Powell Liquid Siding of Maryland Norfolk Virginia Review


In 2008, Mr. Powell responded to our call re problems with the Liquid Siding done by Pro-Craft. He visited Norfolk, inspected our home, agreed with the damage and assured that LIQUID SIDING OF MARYLAND would honor our 25 year Pro-Craft warranty and make repairs. nPromises to make repairs were made each SPRING, SUMMER and FAll of 2008 and 2009. Constant calls and letters of inquiry re the repairs were made by us during this two(2) year period. We have documentation of these calls and letters. nIn Spring 2010, a terse call from Rick Uplegger informed us that Liguid Siding of Maryland was NOT responsible for problems caused by ProCraft. We aked that a written statement to this effect be sent since for two(2) years, Mr. Powell had assured us that Liquid Siding of Maryland would honor the warranty and make the repairs. We got NO response so wrote again on 3/17/10 asking for a response which was never answered. we wrote again on 4/8/11 and the letter was returned by Post Office noting ‘ return to sender/attempted ot known/unable to forward” nTHSI IS TRULY a RIP-OFF to senior citizens (85 and 78)

living on retirement and needing some response to our delimna.”

904 Leeds Avenue Baltimore, Maryland United States of America

410-737-2022 / (8880 377

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