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John Freeman started mowing and landscaping yards about 5 years ago when he was fired from his career job. I made use of his services, but he started to disregard a lot of his care for my landscape. He never trimmed shrubs without extra pay and he left the leaves in my yard all the time.All these services were included in the contract I had signed with him at the start of the year. As the months passed, he became less sincere and responsible for his work. He started to be late all of the time. He even used very old, cheap, and poor products, which caused a great deal of damage. He claimed to include treating for weeds and insects, but that was never done either.One day, he showed up smelling like marijuana, this explained his uncontrollable moods, lies, deceit, and outbursts.He came this morning and did one strip of mowing on the front lawn. He then stopped and would not complete the job because I asked him about the fertilizer that I told him to put down. He had inflated and seeded previously but the job was left undone. He said he would follow his program, or he would do nothing. He passed on threats upon returning phone calls Eventually It led to harassing remarks through text. After I filed a police report for “harassment” they found out that he is not even registered with the Better Business Bureau.He is running an illegal service through immigrants for labor and paying cash. He has no legal license for property management or housekeeping. He did not have any experience or license to conduct the business out of his home. Complaints have been filed for trespassing and contempt of dangerous action and harm – under the influence of drugs. | If you use this man’s landscaping services, drop him immediately.

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