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I purchased John Becks Buy real estate no money down for pennies on the dollar. And after studing and trying to apply for several months it did not work for me. So I called the PH# in the course and they convinced me it was because I needed coaching from Mentoring of America so I agreed. Mentoring of America quickly kept trying to convince me that I needed to send more money to Strategic Financial Services to open an LLC. They said I Needed it to protect me from being sued so they could coach me hands on in buing a property and so I did. But mentoring of America never helped me any and only kept wanting me to purchase a cretit card to use in paying for houses out of the John Beck vault they kept showing me. There strategies were not making any sense to me and every legitimate question would have long explanation that was not relevant, ignored, have the subject changed or coaching session over then. I was supposed to have a secure personal vault that contained al my personal information and to manage my properties from ID# 01G1HX. But when I would log in, someone else was controlling it with an unknown email address. I complained constantly and it never was fixed. Finaly they told me to ignore it and use it anyway? They would run me around, stand me up without answering my calls while waiting for a scheduled coaching session. Inwitch I was forwarned that I could not do without timly notification and creating a breach in there terms that would lead to them dropping my coaching sessions with no reimbursements. This ended up happening anyway because I was not foolish enough to blindly buy a property from them out of there vault with a credit card and had already sunk every thing I had into there system anyway. I have several emails from them with names,addresses,phone numbers and email addresses.

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