Joel M. Zellmer Austin Texas


Complaint: Joel M. Zellmer, 40, preyed primarily on single mothers with children in the SEATTLE, KING COUNTY, WASHINGTON STATE area.At the time of his murder conviction in June,2010 after a month long trial in Seattle, Zellmer had been married to five women,had two other girlfriends plus a fiancee.Investigators said he had a long history of dating single women with children, urging them to take out life insurance on their young children, and then harming the children.Zellmer was finally convicted and sentenced to 50 years in prison for the 2003 murder of 3-year old Ashley McLellan, whom he was convicting of drowning in the family swimming pool three months after he took out a $200,000 life insurance policy on her. H4e was arrested in 2007.”The murder of Ashley McLellan was motivated by simple greed

Tags: Abusive Parents

Address: “” said Marilyn Brenneman

Website: “” said Bruce McLellan

Phone: senior deputy prosecutor of King County in Seattle

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