Jocelyn Lazo Texas Cheaters


My husband and I have been married for 13 years and collectively, we have three daughters (20, 16, 11) and I am currently pregnant!! He is 40 & I am 35!! He is cheating with a nasty, hood wet named Jocelyn Lazo who JUST turned 23 and has a 7 yr old son!! She knew he had a wife but did not care because her common-law husband, (removed) is currently doing time in federal prison!! I spoke with this whore back in December and let her know of me and our children and she said she could care less!! || Since then, they have been on and off. He and I have been back-and-forth yet he’s never taken his stuff and completely left my home even know I have begged him to!! They use drugs together and her mother has her son as Jocelyn”Jezz Bella” fb name, is out running the streets and clubs all hours of the night! She has been staying in a roach motel, The Apple Inn in South Dallas, with my husband as I kicked him out!! I told him if you want to be with that trash go be with that trash but he will no longer subject me and your children to your bull crap!! || She has proceeded to plaster all of this BS on Facebook posting pictures so I posted a few of my own!!

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By Ronald

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