Jocelyn Hayes – Best friend was a cuckoo bird. Stole my life. North Carolina


Jocelyn and I had been friends for several years. In 2016, I thought we were becoming closer but it turns out she was just after my husband. She pushed herself between us and nearly destroyed a 20 year long relationship between high school sweet hearts. Her trick? She has no personality of her own, shes an idiot who takes on whatever attributes will please the people around her the most. She has zero self esteem so she pulls the wounded bird act and idiot men eat it up. “Fix me I’m broken, and I’ll be exactly what you want me to be. I wont speak up for myself, I’ll just smile and nod like an idiot and by the time you realize I’m completely empty inside I’ll already be dependent on you and you’ll feel so bad because Im so pathetic and unable to to take care of myself that you’ll feel trapped and unable to leave”. Absolutely disgusting and fake. She is trash. It has taken years of therapy and an enormous amount of work from both my husband and I to recover from the damage she caused. And my husband wasnt the first one. I found out she had been sleeping with a coworker who was engaged at her previous job, something she neglected to tell me when we were “friends”. I call her a cuckoo bird because that’s what she is. She inserts herself in your life, replaces you, and pushes you out of your nest. She sits her fat a55 down in your nest and your husband, or partner runs himself ragged to feed her ever open beak.

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By Ronald

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