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This whore works with my husband. She’s 48, married and one of her kids is the same age as my husband, who’s 29. We have an 11 month old baby. I had a very hard time getting pregnant- had an ovarian cancer tumor, had to go through IVF to get pregnant and almost lost him due to an incompetent cervix. This bitch knew all of this and sat and ate lunch with my husband, myself and our 2 week old baby in September ’13. || Lately my husband’s been distant, always guarding his phone. I find it on the kitchen table with texts between them saying he can’t wait to be inside her. Wtf, sick as f**k. I confront him; he lies. He buys a to go phone, I found it this past Monday because his dumb ass left it out. This whore’s saying she’s so sad because he’s gonna try and work it out with me and saying doesn’t he want her anymore…this situation is sick as f**k. He’s the SAME AGE as one of her children! I texted this bitch and told her she disgusts me and is sick as f**k and that I was going to tell her husband. Then I find emails between her and my husband that she’s begging him to say whatever to me to keep me away from her house, which she lives about 5 minutes away from us. || She’s not younger or better looking than me, so I don’t get it. You want grandma, you can have her. These 2 both disgust me! She deserves to be blasted for meeting me and my child and then starting an affair with my husband! Watch out married women in Crest Hill/Joliet!

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