Joanne Olin – Janesville, Wisconsin Wisconsin


Sooo this bitch is our next door neighbor… She used to come hang out all the time and make a big deal about being gone before I got home. ..she used the disguise of being interested in me, but then she stopped coming over altogether… My birthday is coming up soon. We were just over there planning to party with her. Until one day, the hubby and I were fighting and he threw out there that he fucked this crusty ass bitch! So I call this ho and flat out asked her if she fucked my man. Can you believe this stupid cunt had the nerve to tell me she has no idea what I’m talking about? Like I trusted her and my man and they betrayed. They also talked about it and that bitch said she wanted to keep fucking around with him! So watch out for this little whore… She’ll act all buddy buddy to get you comfortable then she’ll get at your man. Or maybe she’ll just hold his dick while he’s pissing and ask him to piss on her face like she did my husband dirty bitch…that’s what she does at the bar with random dudes. Hey want me to hold your dick while you piss? She like people pissing on her and fucking her in the ass. So ladies and gents in the janesville area watch out for this bitch. She frequents the slicks bar at 6 ,as well as riders, the one right next to it and eastpoint. So an alcoholic, crack smoking, ugly dirty ass homewrecking ass bitch.

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By Ronald

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