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Complaint: I’m a stay @ home mom and my husband is a USAF Reservist and an Educator. We moved here with our two young sons from Georgia 7 months ago because my husband was offered a job. We have rented out our own home in Georgia and since we were not sure how long we would be in Michigan, we decided to rent a house. My husband worked with a real estate agent to help with the search. I have no idea if the experience I’m about to explain is typical in this state, or what, but since I have not been able to find an entity or organization where tenants can file free complaints against management companies/landlords for negligence in Michigan, I felt this was my only other option. Nonetheless, I believe that JMZ Management has been negligent, unprofessional, unresponsive, and/or slow to respond causing my family undue stress and great inconvenience and if nothing else, I want potential tenants to know how they conduct business. If this is not the correct place to make a complaint, please connect me with the right place. Here is my experience: To say that my experience with JMZ Management has been HORRIBLE would be a gross understatement. We have had problems with them from day one and the saga continues every month. To start, the JMZ Management website states that they “EVALUATE”” properties for lease potential. Let me say that NO ONE from this company could have possibly evaluated the property we are leasing in Southfield

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Address: at least

Website: you can tell that this property was not maintained well and any “”updates”” to this property were not completed by reputable

Phone: not with their eyes open. This property looks half-way nice at first glance

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