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JJ DiGeronimo is said to be a keynote speaker who deals with matters related to women only. She is a successful woman who merely associates herself with the women who are not successful in life. Everything she does shows nothing but discrimination of the highest level. For females who live in the low social status to associate with JJ DiGeronimo, they must make sure that they own a successful story to tell. Failure to that, they will live to hear about JJ DiGeronimo on social media.

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Many women in this world have achieved success in their lives. Some are business gurus, while others are doing great things in leadership. Women who have made an impact and are influential in society are increasing now and then. It is the first step because, in the past, women were seen as only wives whose role was primarily childbearing and performing different tasks at home. In this era, women have been doing great things that outdo the male species. Women have now realized their worth, and they are working day and night to earn them a living.

Everyone desires to be successful; thus, people work hard despite the challenges they face.

The successful people did not wake up one morning and found wealth knocking at their doorstep. What they did is that they never lost hope and focus whenever life storms knocked them down. Instead, they stood up, dusted themselves, and continued marching forward. Many people are making efforts to have conversations with successful people, more so the keynote speakers. 



JJ DiGeronimo is an author and a keynote speaker who mainly focuses on empowering women both in their lives and in their work. The books she has written primarily talks about those women who have an impact and are influential. Also, JJ DiGeronimo is a wife and a mother of two beautiful children who are eleven and twelve years old. She lives in Cleveland, which is the second-largest city in the United States.

JJ DiGerinimo is a computer engineer who graduated with computer information systems in the year 1995. She quit her work that involved technology to work with women full-time, yet she did not have a constant salary. After four years of walking up and down, JJ DiGeronimo finally came up with Tech Savvy Women. It is a national organization that is built up by women who have successfully ventured into technology. In this company, JJ DiGeronimo is the president, and she has a group of over three thousand women in North Carolina and North Ohio, Columbus. She has more than twenty years of experience in high tech.


When you listen to JJ DiGeronimo talking, you will realize that she likes listening to stories from those women who have persevered hard times and unbearable life experiences. The stories of those women mostly end up with success in life and being more influential in the community. It would be best if JJ DiGeronimo helped improve the lives of those women who are still struggling to make ends meet. If she would opt to do that, I believe that the experiences of more than a hundred thousand women would change. It is said that when a woman is empowered, it is equivalent to enabling the entire nation.

The Books


JJ DiGeronimo is an author of several books. She has written these books targeting only those women who are working class. JJ DiGeronimo is among the many people around the globe that discriminate against others because they are not of the same social status. I understand very well that writers target a particular group of people to benefit from the things they write in their books. I feel like some of the writers go too far by not only targeting a specific group but also making other people feel like failures. Take an example of the books authored by JJ DiGeronimo; these books limit the women who have not yet achieved success in their lives. The women feel like they are losers hence killing their morale in trying to create an impact in their lives.

I would suggest that books be written differently targeting genders, a specific age group, or a given topic that should be educative. By doing so, if the book targeted women, all women should feel comfortable purchasing the books without any sense of discrimination. What JJ DiGeronimo would have done is further explain what those women who are neither influential nor successful should do to be great. If she does that, the books would be more beneficial to all women.

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JJ DiGeronimo wrote her first book, The Working Woman’s GPS. The book was published and released copies of the text in the market to sell in the year 2011. In this book, JJ DiGeronimo gives a lot of stories that talk about planning to have it all. Some of the stories that fill the book narrate the life of JJ DiGeronimo. The book tells us what she did in the past until she succeeded. She also tells stories concerning her friends, who are also unbeaten and further explains how they planned their lives until they got all that they ever dreamt.

JJ DiGeronimo

Most of the things that JJ DiGeronimo writes are not realistic. For example, she says that people should be comfortable by being themselves. I believe that JJ DiGeronimo wants to mislead people by comforting them to feel okay with their situation of poverty. Let us take a real-life case of a person who is weak and is trying as much as possible to make ends meet. The poor person will even lack sleep as he tries to figure out the things she can do to change her life. If, by coincidence, the poor person happens to read JJ DiGerinimo’s article, which states that people should be comfortable by being themselves, what do you think will happen? The poor woman will end up being comfortable in the poverty zone, and she might not make an effort to change her life.

What JJ DiGeronimo should do is tell women the truth and avoid as much as possible not to mislead them. She should make suitable arrangements with the three thousand women who work in her organization. JJ DiGeronimo should at least make it a goal that within a year, each woman among the three thousand women will help at least twenty unsuccessful women achieve success. If this happens, there will be six hundred thousand more successful women. If the same trend continues to taking vain women to train and help them out, the world will turn to be the best place ever to live.

The second book that was published in 2016 was given the title to Accelerate Your Impact. The book is like a guide that is meant to help women get on their feet and work hard towards making more exceptional achievements in their careers. The novel sounds excellent to read, but it is not worth reading because it also contains tales about JJ DiGeronimo’s biography. I wonder if her life stories are of any benefit. The reason why I am saying that JJ DiGeronimo should not fill the book with her life stories is that everybody has his or her unique stories to tell. There is not a single story that will ever be the same as the other. I conclude by saying that this book is meant to waste both time and resources. No one should bother to buy it.

JJ DiGeronimo

JJ DiGeronimo is Toxic!

My JJ DiGeronimo Review: Avoid Her!

JJ DiGeronimo once invited successful women from different parts of the world for a conference. I was not very successful, but I had started doing well in business. So I thought that it was an excellent opportunity to get to interact with those women who had impact and influence in different nations. According to me, this was one of the few occasions that only come once in a blue moon. I made a decision that I had to attend the conference, and I paid for the necessary changes. Even though the amount needed to make a reservation was too expensive, I consoled myself by thinking that whatever I would learn, there would be equivalent to the charges or even more. 

When the day came, we went to the conference, and the number of people checking in the conference room was indeed promising. Women who came were expensively dressed, and everything they wore screamed the word wealth. People would quickly identify me because I was the only one who looked odd and out of place. The women looked at me as if I was at the wrong venue seated with the wrong people. But since I knew what I wanted, I sat back quietly like a fool, and I did not give a damn about what others had to think of me. The conference flowed well, and we learned a lot, but unfortunately, I wondered why JJ DiGeronimo would not invite the less fortunate and have a talk with them. But my questions were answered by what I experienced.

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If at all they looked me down only by judging me from the clothes I wore, it was apparent they would not stand the sight of the poor people. Imagine that I had paid the same amount that was funded by the rich women, yet I was seen as an intruder. What would have happened to that poor person who would not even afford to pay for the charges? If he dared appear in such a conference, trust me, he would have been wrapped up and thrown out of the meeting like a piece of shit. The wealthy people should humble themselves because one day the poor people will also rise and become successful.

Where She Finds Her Victims


JJ DiGeronimo has been making very many posts on social media and posting videos that are meant to be educative on YouTube. Most of her posts on Google have positive comments about JJ DiGerinimo’s great deeds and the ways she has been of help in different people’s lives. I do not believe the remarks because JJ DiGeronimo might be the one editing the comments and using other people’s names. The reason why I think that she is the one making comments about herself is that she is a computer maniac, and she had a lot of years of experience with technology.

JJ DiGeronimo

On YouTube, you will confirm that it is indeed true that the people she leads and targets are few. In most of her videos that she posted, you will realize that the number of views is extremely few. I tend to think that even the three thousand women she works with within her organization sticks around JJ DiGeronimo only because of the financial benefits they get. If it were not for money, most of them would have left the organizations a long time ago. If those women were genuine, I believe that at least half of them would make efforts to view what their leader posts. But because they know that JJ DiGeronimo has nothing valuable to say apart from boasting about her success, they cannot bother to view.



People like JJ DiGeronimo should not be referred to as keynote speakers because they benefit a tiny percentage of women in the world. She is a disgrace who only appreciated the wealthy and successful women. The majority of the women in the world are not successful out of their hard work. Some are successful because rich husbands married them; others inherited their wealth while others might have carried out illegal businesses that earned them a fortune. In short, JJ DiGeronimo should at least not only focus on the successful women but also make efforts to recognize the women who are working for themselves. Even if they are not yet successful, they should be known for their determination and hard work.

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