Jio Lucci (Quarterback Combine)


Jio Lucci is a big fat, really big fat, in fact he is really big and fat. Talks like a sloven spittle-ing pig, which he in fact is. This is not a cheap exaggeration, rather a statement of fact. Overcharges customers, promises to repay, promises to trade for coaching services then lies and weasels his […]

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Jio Lucci (Quarterback Combine)

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  • SICK COMMENTS COME FROM SCUM QUADRUPLETS Lucci have sick ways to get noticed as malicious slander is their way of fooling the public. BHPD documented these girls lie, cheat and steal and til this day have gotten away with it. They tried to extort their father Jio Lucci.
    The mother disowned them and wants no part of their deceit.

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