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Complaint: I too work for a Jimmy John’s location which is owned by Brendon Killian. In my time there I have come across several concerns that more than likely violate state law. The job itself is fine as are most of the people that work at this location. The practices employed to operate the business are some of the most concerning practices that I have seen in a work place. 1. There is a “tip”” jar that is located up near the register. People periodically put money in the “”tip”” jar as you would expect. The money is collected at the end of the night and what happens to it next is unclear. I have never received a dime from this tip jar even though I work for those tips. I have been informed by 2-3 different people that the money from this tip jar is collected and given to the manager/assistant manager in the form of a check

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Address: filling the role of a bonus. 2. During any given shift

Website: no breaks’. 3. Nearly all

Phone: no breaks are allowed. No 30 minute unpaid lunch breaks for more than 5 hour shifts. No 10 min paid breaks. Nothing. If you ask to get something to eat during a 6.5 hour shift

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