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This guy name Joe Udon Jimenez is a Con Artist, He make a contract with me to do some works around my house.I give him a large amount of money for down payment . But he never buy the materials and he never start the work, I called him for so many times, he always say he is coming with his guys but he never arrive, he said he already ordered the materials but it never arrives until now. He give me so many reasons why he can not do it yet. He is a very good in making up stories. He had promised for so many times that he will start the work but he never did. I have been waiting for so many months, but until now , no materials , no workers and no Joe coming into my house. Please be careful with this guy, he advertised a lot in Craigslist posting so many good pictures. Don’t believe him. I am one of his so many victims. Please investigate first , there are so many complaints posted in here in RIPOFF, KUDZU, YELP and many more. Google his name and phone number and you will know! I don’t want you to be one of his victims! This guy is SCAMMER, a liar and a good talker. I have a receipt and a copy of the check. I could prove to anybody that I was one of his so many victims. I am going to file a criminal case together with some of his victims..if you are also a victim, you could contact me thru RIPOFF.

775 Azure Hills drive Simi Valley, California United States of America


Jimenez Landscape & Hardscape, Pro Concrete & Landscape


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