Jim King (Cyclepro Kingston) Kingston New York


Complaint: I had the displeasure of living below this individual about 10 years ago, his name was Gym King. I lived underneath him at 58 St James Street Kingston, NY. He is supposed to be a “health fanatic””. I have similar interests to him and we BOTH had a neighboor that was a smoker so I would leave the front door opened. He used to come at me and SCREAM at me for leaving the front door opened. I only did it to alleviate the stinky ciggarette smoke that came from the smokers apartment. One day when he became VERY aggressive with me I apporoached me over the Door Incident and I STOOD RIGHT BACK IN HIS FACE and got aggressive right back. What does he do? Calls the police and files charges. All his Military Training and Gym Training he braggs about and this is what he does! He is nothing short of a COWARD! I see his bullshit videos on youtube to me he is nothing short of FAKE guttertrash!! This man is NO GOOD. He used use his apartment above me on 58 St James Street as a place to bring all sorts of women (I think there were some men also) upstairs and have have wild sex with them… I used to have to hear him having BDSM sex all day and night long and never get any sleep… I HAD NO SAY in that

Tags: Rotten Neighbors

Address: but leaving the door opened got me kicked out! Why I hate him so much? Well

Website: 845-616-6752

Phone: he was close to the SLUMLORD that rented us the apartments at 58 St. James Street so that SLUM-LORD Robert J. Dittus threw me out and humiliated me when he got wind that me and King were having conflicts… Word has it that Dittus had a bout with cancer… I guess KARMA got hold of him as it will eventually catch up with King!”

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