Jim Elliot – takes your deposit and disappears

We trusted Jim Elliot to take our Spanish wine company and go global. He was certified and even had an importing license so we trusted him. He had a way of doing business that made us put our trust in him. He had us pay him up front. It was a hefty price because we wanted our wine distributed to so many stores throughout several states. | We paid him $10,000 off the bat. We would not have to pay him again until the wine sold. We gave it three months. We expected to see our selection in major retailers, but a month went by and we did not see anything. Jim was hard to reach. His phone was sent straight to voicemail every time, and he never answered his emails. W | 3 months have gone by and we still have not heard from him. It looks like we are out $10,000 and most of our inventory. We are looking at a total loss of $500,000.

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