Jim Adler and Associates LAKE DALLAS Texas


Complaint: After my wife’s auto accident we hired Jim Adler and they sent her to a “physical therapist”” to treat her injuries. The “”physical therapist”” was a sleazy outfit that did not care about her injuries or health. They used everything in the book to “”treat”” her injury; massage

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Address: electric shocks

Website: no matter how many voice mails were left or how many times she called. It is impossible to talk to a human at that place. One day last month we got a call and was told the settlement was only $500.00. My wife asked if anything could be done to make it bigger. Today she got a phone call from a Ms Joanna Garza and the settlement was now $300.00. Ms Joanna Garza denied she ever offered us $500.00. She was extremely rude and unprofessional.”

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