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My husband and I had gone to kindergarten together and became high school sweethearts my senior year. I knew this man as much and as closely as you can know someone, so I thought. We were married in June of 2006 while we were both in college. I was studying to become a teacher and he a paramedic. We bought and house and got a dog, we were doing everything in the”right” sequence. In 2010 we had our first child, a son, and fell in love with him each day even more. We both worked a lot, never fought really, and I was happy. || Then in summer of 2012 we decided to get pregnant again, a planned pregnancy. But when I was 4 months pregnant he said,”I’m not happy anymore and I’m thinking about leaving you.” This came as a complete shock to me! When I asked why, he gave me no good reason. He packed a bag and left that night. Left me pregnant and our 2 year old son asleep in his room. It was a strange night, although my son was only 2 and always slept through the night, that night he woke up multiple times screaming for his dad. Weird! It was like he could feel that something had gone wrong. || I felt physically ill and wasn’t able to eat or function. I lost 6 pounds in two days, and although I knew I needed to be healthy for our baby, it was hard. There were days I went to work and just cried and cried so my boss let me go home. If it weren’t for my son I would have probably curled up into a ball and never left my bedroom. I started to snoop around since there was no real reason for him to leave. After looking at his phone records there was a number that showed up multiple times and at all hours of the day and night. I called the number and a woman answered, Jill Sarver. Of course she denied knowing my husband, but right after I got off the phone with her my husband called me. He told me to stop harassing his friend. Then he admitted that he had been seeing her and wanted to be with Jill. She worked at (Removed) Hospital with him, so cliche. Jill was actually engaged to another man at this time. I guess they didn’t care how many people they were hurting. || By the end of December of 2012 after the holidays I told my husband I was moving out of our home because I couldn’t afford the mortgage on my own and he should move back in. So I moved a few of my belongings to a friends house so I could save some money and start moving forward in my life. The next day I went by our house to let our dog out and to grab a few more things, but low and behold he had changed the locks. I called him and he said that everything in that house is now his since I left. He tried to control me by saying if I agree to his visitation schedule and child support ideas then I could get the rest of my belongings, SICK! So that weekend I broke into my own house so I could get my things out, my lawyer said it was perfectly legal. To my surprise I found Jill Sarver’s clothes in my closet. Her contacts, makeup, perfumes, and other belongings in my bathroom. He had moved that homewrecker into our marital home overnight, shameless. I had multiple friends there to help me move and they wanted to tear her shit up, but I kept my composure and just got my things packed up. Unfortunately my husband showed up as I was moving things out. He was yelling,”Why did you break in?” I asked,”WHy is some woman living here?” || Things mostly went downhill from there. There was a lot of fighting and stress. He filed for custody and was threatening to take the kids from me. And I’m going through all of this while pregnant. Jill Sarver is a selfish and shameless homewrecker. Now my two kids never get to be with their mom and dad together. THey have to live out of a backpack and go back and forth. I have to miss out on tons of time with my kids, just so they can be together. Recently Jill and John became engaged and are being married on 12-13-14, very cliche. I still wonder how long the affair had been going on behind my back. I never got an apology from either of them. 10 years of my life, investing time, love, and effort into building a life and a family, and they took that all away. Now I’m on my summer break, but don’t get to be with my kids everyday. I got to do FaceTime with my son yesterday and saw my daughter on Jill’s chest as she waved at her mommy. I missed out on countless hours with my newborn daughter because of them. I wasn’t a perfect wife, there are things I would have changed, but I didn’t deserve to be lied to and cheated on. Nor did I deserve for someone who was suppose to love me to give up on me and leave. || Divorce is a horrible thing and even after I found out about the affair I asked him to stay and work it out. I offered for us to go to counseling and fight for our marriage and family, but he told me that he never wanted to talk about our marriage again and that it was over. Jill Sarver is a homewrecker and good luck marrying a man that didn’t keep his vows the first time!

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