Jill Dockerty Kokomo, Indiana Indiana


My husband started working at (removed) pizza as a cook before Christmas time in 2011. I was 8 months pregnant with our second child at the time. Jill was a waitress there. She is 44 years old so basicly when I started hearing rumors I thought no way she knows better! So I started talking to her whenever I got a chance and she was friendly to me, knew we had a 1 year old and that I was pregnant and due very soon. She would always offer my husband a ride to work if he needed it. || Well one night I got some info from another employee there that my husband and this old slut got in trouble at work for making out in the walk in fridge. After that happened things blew up with my husband and I. There was one time when I waited outside of their work and watched them leave together and go to her house, so I followed them and parked outside of her house. She saw me, yet didn’t come out, instead called the cops on me. I told them I wanted my husband out of her house. They talked to her and let her know what was up. She denied that he was there. They basically told her and me that they couldn’t make me move become was on a city street not on her property but could”suggest” I go home. After that I basicly just stressed her at work, let all her Co workers and her boss know what was going on. || I was informed that my husband was not the first married man she had messed around with there and she had been given a warning once before by the boss. Needless to say the whore lost her job. Go me: )

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