Jessica Wistuk and Joseph Kuzmics Fox creek kennel in Buffalo Junction VA 434-374-8700 Dunlap Tennessee


Complaint: Please do your homework before purchasing from these people and save yourself alot of heart ache and trouble. Ive prayed that someone would shut this puppy mill down and I contacted the state of pensylvania animal welfare dept as well as the attorney generals office to check in on these poor animals. Their web site looks nice but is decieving after what happened to me I did some research on these people. I wish I had done it before hand. Turns out that they used to live in PA and running an illegal commercial dog breeding facility. The neighbors where complaining about the waste odors and barking dogs. Once she was charged and couldnt win the case they moved to virginia.Where they could breed and have as many as they want. Bottom line they are selling sick dogs and need to be shut down. Dont let their nice website with probably stolen pictures fool you. They are running a big puppy mill establishment under the rader now in Virginia. Follow the links for proof of what im saying. —————————————————————————– (Quoted from article) Wistuk owns approximately 17 acres of land in an Agricultural Zoning District of the Township where she owns many farm animals, including horses, donkeys, hens, goats and chickens. She also owns pigs and steer which she slaughters. These animals are permitted in that area pursuant to Section 310 of the Zoning Code which provides: “ANIMAL HUSBANDRY. The raising and keeping of livestock and poultry for capital gain

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Address: not including household and farm pets.”” She initially began raising puppies in the basement of her home as a breeder for purposes of selling them and then decided to expand her business into kennel operations. Apparently prior to obtaining the proper permits

Website: depending on how many puppies are born and sold at three- to four-month intervals. Siegel said he cited Wistuk after receiving neighbors’ complaints about waste odors and barking dogs. In addition to the dogs

Phone: Wistuk began her kennel operations

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