Jessica Ward – Canton, Ohio Ohio


This WHORE right here’s name is Jessica Ward… She lives in Canton Ohio. She started talking to MY HUSBAND preying on his emotions&& stupidity of telling people our private business, well it all started about a year ago, they met on a dating site my husband decided to enroll on, our at the time 12 year old daughter caught him talking to someone&& he confided in her saying yes I’m talking to another woman, well needless to say, our daughter told me what was going on, he tried to lie about it&& say it wasn’t true, but when my children speak, I listen… He had told her some stuff that was true, but also for the most part, wasn’t. I’d finally got him to fess up after him treating to leave me&& our two girl’s that remained home living with us. It was an ongoing battle with him, the arguing, the acussing, the down talking, && bad mouthing me… I’d finally got onto his phone, got this bitches phone number, tried calling her&& I even sent some nasty texts from me to get a rise outta her, but she just wouldn’t respond back to me. So, I decided to go onto the site he’d met her on, under his name, now mind u this was while we were working thru thing’s && trying to salvage what we still had, I had inboxed her&& “BINGO” a response back, mind u again she thought Iwas my husband, lol… Nope jjust me, she went onto asking y I was on his profile after she found out it had been me&& proceeded to call me nasty names… She thought she was going to have her way&& be able to get her hands on my husband, while mind u, her being married herself&& she had told my husband she wasn’t&& that she’d only had one child, a little girl, which mind u now we both know that’s a lie as well, all in all she had had 3 children, 2 girls&& a boy. She still tries to inbox his email&& tries to text/call him to no avail…. But even thou me&& my husband has worked our problems out&& he no longer talks to her I still felt the need to expose this NASTY TRASH HOMEWRECKER && The Trashiest Homewrecking Award Goes To; Jessica Ward U can also find her c**t a** on Facebook under that name as well. Gd’night to all u BEAUTIFUL WOMEN out in Internet land…

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