Jessica “Suki” Marie Conners Las Vegas, Nevada Nevada


Jessica was married but her husband was filing for a divorce when she began bribing my husband to meet with her…and we all know what these scumbags are up to and what ensues. Her husband couldn’t stick around because Jessica is a cheater, liar & an unstable drug abuser whose own drug addiction caused her countless miscarriages, terminations & even adoption of her surviving child. || She and my husband slept together when he was working on the job. She also had the nerve to say to me,”Why does every hater think I am sleeping with their man?! I wish I was still married. Less drama”. Well, asshole, if you kept your legs closed and didn’t hump everyone who gave you the love your daddy didn’t then you wouldn’t have so called drama!!! Jessica also lied to my face and pretended to befriend me and wish our child well. She claimed we just needed to have a”mom to mom talk” over the misunderstanding. || I found their texts and more evidence through his e-mail and Facebook. I don’t consider a woman who gives up her child to chase dick a mom anyway. I’ll pass.

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By Ronald

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