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Ok so my husband and I had been together for 7 years with two kids and were not even married a year when this asshole started his affair. It all started when my best friend made me aware that he was always taking his breaks and lunches with Jessica. So I told him what was he doing having lunch with her and that it didn’t look right, he laughed it off saying its just lunch in front of your best friend, we wouldn’t do anything stupid in front of her we are just friends. Well he continued to do so regardless of my wishes and despite the fact that everyone where they work was starting to wonder if something was going on between them. This was about the middle of November when I was made aware of them always together.Lets fast forward to January and me still being suspicious but having no proof of anything. He gets a text from a number saying”so you tell so and so stuff about us” I confront him asking if it’s that ugly hoe and he says he doesn’t know what shes talking about and that nothing has happened between. I stayed upset with him and then finally it clicked to me to check the phone records and what do you know! Lots of phones calls to this girl ranging anywhere from 20 mins to an hour. He still tried to lie about that and told me how ugly she was, but I told him I was done and leaving to my parents home.I still had no hardcore proof for a while because they were both denying everything, she tried laughing it off saying eww hes younger than me that would be gross (she’s 28, we are 23) we are just friends blah blah blah. So things finally came to light after I saw a message she sent him on twitter saying”are you still going to stay the night tonight” and he STILL denied everything saying they talked about it but nothing has happened. Finally it came down to us almost making up and he had stayed two nights with me at my parents home when the next day he said he was going back to our apartment and that we could stay the night the next night. From that moment I immediately decided I was going to wait till about 1am to catch his ass.12:30 rolls around and I leave to see if he’s at the apartment and what do you know he’s NOT there! So I had an idea of where this ugly whore lived and I found his car. I then looked up her pictures of Facebook and saw exactly what apartment she was in. After that everything comes out that they had BEEN having sex with each other since November (Our anniversary was Dec 1) we couldn’t even be married a year and he decided to fuck everything up. This girl really thought she was special being his nighttime hoe, she says she cared about him and would only leave him alone if he told her to. My dumb ass gave him another chance because we did get married before God and I wanted to save our marriage. Things were honestly great between us but my sixth sense went off when he was taking forever to come home one night and sure enough I caught him at her house again!All I have to say is Jessica Pena is an ugly ass whore, as you can see in her pictures. They are both f**king stupid! She must have loved being his side chick since she kept his secrets and lies for so long. Oh and get this! She says she is not a hoe because he’s the only guy she’s been with since their affair started. lmao! Like I said, dumb desperate bitch. Beware of the ugly girls ladies because they are so desperate for attention that they will do anything to get with your man. Sorry if y’all throw up in y’alls mouths after looking at her pictures. || Oh yeah and please enjoy the two photos I found in his phone.

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