Jessica Miranda – Lake Elsinore, California California


This is Jessica Miranda from Lake Elsinore, California. Jessica was obviously raised by an animal because she has no human class. Jessica went to high school with my husband and decided since her own marriage was going to sh**. She would message my husband with her problems about her man. I found out and messaged the idiot to stay away from my husband. Since she acts like a dog of course she still did. My husband and I went through a separation and she jumped on him like flies on sh**… I sat back and laughed because the minute he slept with her she was already begging for $60 because she already got an advance from her “baby daddy” on her child support she also tried to move her 19 year old daughter to Vegas with him (AWESOME PARENTING)… || I dont know of too many mothers who would send their young daughter to live with a man she went to high school with and hasn’t seen in years AND lives in a different state (idiot)…. after googling her she’s been arrested in my opinion A LOT. She’s a real winner and goal getter. My husband had this idea of the same girl he knew in high school but got hit with reality when he finally sampled it. I guess that saying is true- “the grass isnt always greener on the other side” and in this case the grass was astro turf located in the hood…. my husband and I are working it out and yes KARMA will work it’s way to her soon enough.

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By Ronald

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