Jessica Mcevers Independance, Missouri Missouri


My husband of 3.5 years and I had been in a lull and he got the bright idea to suggest swinging to me. I of course shot him down but over time he convinced me to let him look. He found this whore named Jessica. She’s married, but wanted to”swing” and bring her fwb along. When I nixed the idea in a group chat, she started chatting up my husband on the sly. They talked for a month without me knowing. Then one day he tells me to”go shopping, you never buy anything for yourself”. When I got home he nonchalantly says”did I leave the cat litter i the car?” I told him yes and went to take my bags to the bedroom. Right there, on the floor is the cat litter. His closet is empty, and he’s gone. Didn’t so much as say goodbye to our 3 year old son. || I tried to make it work, tried to understand why he left, then one day I get a message from Jessica. Only the message says it isn’t Jessica but her husband and that he thinks his wife and my husband are sleeping together. I defend him saying no, he visits me every night and we were still intimate. Here’s where it gets weird. Then Jessica jumps in saying her husband hacked her but she wanted to clear things up. They had in fact”had sex 5 or 6 times on 2 or 3 occasions”. I said oh well and went on with my day. She persisted and wanted to meet to compare notes saying he’d lied to her too. I agreed and met her. She was crazy. Screaming at her 4 kids by 3 men. Explaining that she left her husband the same day he left me and they met that night and had sex. I was starting to see he’d left me for her. She pretended to be angry and wanted to set him up for a confrontation. I refused and said he was her problem now. || I did confront him though with the messages and was met with lies and begging to keep trying that she meant nothing. He deleted her info and said he was done. A week later I get a barrage of texts from this woman wanting to know if he’s with me, that he’s lying to me, he stood her up to be with me, craziness. He admits to still seeing her and that she’d admitted that SHE posed as her husband to tell me about them because she wanted him to herself and didn’t want him to have contact with me. He also admitted that SHE was the reason he didn’t spend time with his son on father’s day, talking him out of it because I’d be there. By this time I was done, cut off contact and told him he wouldn’t see me or his son until she was gone permanently. He dropped her for a week. Then she started waiting outside his motel, showing up at his work, and blowing his phone up. Turns out she wasn’t done. She laid it on thick and convinced him to officially call her his girlfriend. So now they shack up in a dirty motel, her having abandoned her 4 kids and he his 1. She doesn’t work, he does but rarely actually goes. And they fight all the time. They’ve been together less than 2 months and have screaming matches. He’s put bruises on her and she’s threatened to calm the police on him. || This woman set her sights on my husband and weasels her way in. Because I wouldn’t engage in the petty drama and had faith that my husband wouldn’t trade me in for a bigger, older, more well worn model, she won and wrecked my home and her own. They’re made for each other.

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