Jessica Guerrero – Billings, Montana Montana


My boyfriend was living w me and she was jealous so jealous she’s constantly stalk him and me,call us,send her kids to the door ,text me bs etc. She has caused nothing but drama the whole 11 years I’ve known them both anyways in dec 2012 she did whatever it took to convince me he was fucking her so a fight breaks out he gets a felony pfma has to move out now she’s got h in where she wants him. She’s the most evil vindictive person there is she’s desperate n will do anything to get what she wants so during no contact yet he was having contact he fucks her she gets knocked up on purpose right before he is legally allowed to have contact w me n kids in hopes that it will keep him away lol . she’s 38 a METH whore who still hasn’t admitted she knocked up but came into my work pretending to look like she is or she is. Neither of them have admitted it.

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By Ronald

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